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Lincoln Occupational Health Solutions, LLC (LOHS) is a progressive company that offers a variety of services and products through two divisions, Occupational Health and Wellness Solutions and LOHS Publishing.

LOHS Publishing is dedicated to publishing e-books that contributed viable information to help people raise their quality of life whether at work, at home, while traveling or during leisure time.  LOHS Publishing is excited to now offer two remarkable e-books, Sitting On The Job and SittingSmarts.  Both were written by Dr. Scott Donkin.



Sitting On The Job

A Practical Survival Guide For People Who Earn Their Livings While Sitting.

No longer does the sedentary worker have to suffer from tingling or aching hands, neck or back pain, headaches or fatigue that can be so debilitating. Dr. Scott W. Donkin details the many variables that must be considered so that workers who sit for many hours a day can function effectively in a supportive and healthy work environment. For instance, each work station needs to be individually adjusted to suit the particular worker’s body, lighting must be appropriate to the specific task, and there shouldn’t be drafts or distracting noises.

Dr. Donkin discusses all the possible physical ailments and conditions that can arise from poor working conditions and then offers ways to cure or prevent them. He points out the many negative effects of stress and what can be done to alleviate it. Perhaps the most practical chapter in the book details the many things to do to help counteract the physical effects of sitting. For example, Dr. Donkin recommends taking frequent micro-breaks to counteract tension buildup and fatigue in muscles and eyes. Stretching fingers, wrists and hands and looking into the distance several times an hour can significantly reduce strain. Illustrations are used effectively throughout the book to show problems and provide practical solutions.

Dr. Donkin released Sitting On The Job in 1987. It has been in print and widely used for over 25 years. Now Sitting On The Job is available as an e-book to conveniently help even more people.


Become healthier and happier while sitting anywhere now.

Dr. Donkin released Sitting On The Job to focus on the implications of improper sitting on the body and mind–and for the last 25 years, it has served as a cornerstone in the health, safety and ergonomics industries. The principles that are shared through Sitting On The Job have been instrumental in transforming lives and businesses.

Since the release of Sitting On The Job Dr. Donkin has been working hard to help people and organizations become healthier and more productive. Along the way he also assembled a whole new library of research, content, and advice on how the public–that’s everyone–could benefit from proper sitting techniques and the knowledge of how they can benefit from shifting their sitting habits to health positive actions. This library has been condensed and organized in the recently released e-book SittingSmarts.

In my opinion sitting is actually a lot like sugar. Sugar is all around us (as is sitting); so much so that we take them both for granted. Sugar is appealing and culturally imbedded in our lives and so is sitting. There are many forms of each and some are healthier than others.” from SittingSmarts.

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Occupational Health & Wellness Solutions

Occupational Health & Wellness Solutions is a progressive and successful occupational services organization emphasizing prevention, safety and wellness strategies.

Scott Donkin, D. C. is also board certified in Occupational Health. This extensive additional training uniquely qualifies him to effectively consult with companies and government agencies to uncover the cause of many workplace health and safety problems such as reoccurring injuries or accidents, and develop practical, innovative solutions to prevent them.

Imagine your business carefully and competently treated like a patient with unique history, needs, concerns and therefore individualized solutions. Employers of thousands of Lincoln business employees have benefited from the wide range of services which include:

You can choose individually from our menu of services or select a package of services or products that fit your needs. The bottom line is our services make Lincoln businesses more profitable by reducing costs and keeping workers working. You won’t know how much we can help until you ask.

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