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It is unfortunate that the joy and wonder of the holiday season is frequently overshadowed by anxiety and the physical and emotional effects of negative stress. As we investigate stress in this series, you will learn that the paradoxical nature of the Holidays, as we currently celebrate them, is predictable. This being the case, the .. read more

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A Continual State of Well-Being Is Known As Wellness

We use the words well-being and the phrase health and well-being to mean the physical, mental and emotional state in which you are best able to express yourself and your unique talents and abilities in order to accomplish your personal goals. Premature structural aging limits both the quantity and quality of life. It distracts your .. read more

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How long do you want to live?

How long do you want to live? The common answer is, “As long as I have a sharp mind and a healthy body.”  If we’re lucky, we watch our grandparents and parents age gracefully. However, sometimes it’s not so graceful. Sometimes they battle chronic conditions that restrict their ability to walk, move around their own .. read more

Searching For Health

The body’s natural tendency is towards health and it will naturally search out the best conditions for health and longevity when given the awareness and the proper opportunity to do so. You have to provide the right mindset to promote health, and then be sure to include a high enough intake of oxygen to ensure .. read more

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Of all the health problems facing society today, aging – especially premature aging of the physical body and its many related conditions – is the principal one that will confront each of us sooner or later. Aging Well How long do you want to live? The common answer is, “As long as I have a .. read more


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I best communicate with my doctor of chiropractic? A. Since your main mission in acquiring the services of a chiropractor is to relieve pain and get well, you must communicate openly and freely about the history and course of events that led you to the chiropractor’s office. Remember to be candid and .. read more

Household Tasks Don’t Have to Be Chores

Healthier ways to use your home appliances. Scott Donkin, DC, DACBOH, Acclaimed Occupational Health and Wellness Expert, Internationally published author whose books include Sitting on the Job, Peak Performance Body and Mind: Make Your Body Last a Lifetime. Ergonomic consultant to office furniture and personal electronics manufacturers, airlines, hotels, government agencies, fleet managers. Interviewed in .. read more

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